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universal coupling



        Used to join different bodies of the two axes (axis and slave axis) so that a common rotation in order to pass the mechanical parts of the torque. Speed and heavy duty power transmission, some of the coupling buffer, damping and improve the role of of shafting dynamic performance.Small universal coupling used to pass not in the same movement on an axis, the WSD coupling both ends of the connection form: both ends of the same hole-shaped, cylindrical bore, with keyway cylindrical hole, square hole; both ends of the different hole-shaped, cylindrical bore and the cylindrical bore with keyway, cylindrical hole and square hole with keyway cylinder hole and square hole three kinds.




Heart treatment
Hardness range
SWP type split bearing cross shaft type universal coupling
Flange Yoke:35CrMo
Spline Shaft/Sliding Muff:40Cr
tempering and quenching
SWZ type whole bearing cross shaft type universal coupling
SWC type whole fork cross shaft type universal coupling
Cage type synchronous universal coupling
Camet can offer universal couplings as bellow chart .We also can produce special universal couplings as the customer requests.




Widely used in metallurgy, lifting, engineering, transportation, mining, petroleum, shipbuilding, coal, rubber, paper making machinery, etc.

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